A Woman Owned Company since 1991
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                For over 20 years F.R.S. Technologies, Inc. has been providing our industrial customers in Transportation, HVAC, Pollution, Wood, Ultrasound Testing, Medical and Oilfield Industries with Quality Assurance Control Systems and Testing Systems, Material Handling Controls and Fluid Fill Systems, Medical Coating Systems, to name a few, since 1991.  We are truly an International company with our systems in use in Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Europe, as well as in the United States.  We are located in Longview, Texas, USA.

                In the Transportation Industry we have developed Automatic Air Brake Testing Systems, Priming Systems and Fluid Filling Systems. Data Acquisition is an essential  part of these systems to meet ISO standards for this industry. These systems are currently in use in the USA, with systems currently quoted for international use. FRS is a preferred vendor for building innovative PC & PLC based control systems for air brake testing, fluid control, and other systems that include wireless computer/scanner MMI controls. Our Vision Systems are employed to inspect truck axle seals, as well as other transportation parts during their manufacturing. 

                In the HVAC industry we have developed Automated Systems that employ PLC, PC, Ultrasound and Vision systems to test everything from coils, blower assemblies, thermal switches, complete furnace packages, electronic air cleaners, etc. Again Data Acquisition is an essential part of these systems, to track your manufacturing process. These systems are currently in use in the USA and Internationally. We have Automated Vision Test Systems in Zhongshan, China and Ensenada, Mexico. FRS has worked for The Trane Company since 1994, as a preferred vendor and provides project management & consulting services.

                In the Wood industry we have developed automated equipment to perform tasks safer, faster and more accurately.

                We have developed Ultrasound Test Systems to automatically test HVAC coils for leaks. We have also partnered with a leading manufacturer of Ultrasound Test Equipment to test everything from oil field pipe to aircraft wings.

                We provide control systems for one of the world leaders in Pollution Controls. We provide them with Control cabinets, PLC & SCADA programs and onsite assistance worldwide.

                We provide 24/7 assistance on all our systems via, telephone, web connections and/or onsite as required. In most cases we can provide the same assistance on systems we did not design or manufacture.

                Please contact us  to let us know how we can be of service to you.

Roger Fangman                                
V.P. of Engineering
F.R.S. Technologies, Inc.
Office 903-297-4645
Cell 903-235-7391 (Answered 24/7)
Fax 903-297-3333

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